The Roll-Up #145: Hummingbirds fight over weed jars

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May 29, 2020
Hummingbirds - The Roll-Up #145: Hummingbirds fight over weed jars

Turn your weed jars into hummingbird feeders, but be sure to make more than one, otherwise it’ll be a hummingbird fight. (AdobeStock)

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Episode 145: Hummingbirds fight over weed jars

This week:

Canna Hannah has the perfect Day 77 quarantine project: Turn your old weed jars into hummingbird feeders. Also, news of the week.

WTF is this all about now?

Every Friday the Roll-Up crew—Bruce Barcott, Alyssa Yeoman, and Hannah Staton—dissect the week’s top stories in cannabis with analysis, arguments, jokes, and obscure cultural references. It’s a news and culture podcast, slightly elevated.

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