CBD Oil: How To Make Cannabis Oil Using Air And No Chemicals?

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Nothing can be left to chance when making Endoca quality CBD. We show you how we create our CBD extracts following strict pharmaceutical processes to ensure that our product is up to the high quality standards we expect from a CBD product. Throughout the video, we will guide you through our standardised production process. Thanks to this process, we can guarantee not only the highest quality CBD extract, but also the safest and highest regulated production process. To begin, we collect random samples of hemp to analyse them in our laboratories. Then we introduce the hemp plant material into large containers, where we apply C02 under high pressure to extract the CBD oil. The whole process is automated and standardised, ensuring a safe and effective final product and avoiding risks of contamination. Once the oil is extracted, we proceed to a new analysis step in the laboratory. The results of these analysis's are publicly published on our website here ➡️https://www.endoca.com/quality-reports Follow Endoca on social media: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/endoca/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/endoca/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/endocacbdoil Pinterest: https://dk.pinterest.com/endocacbd/ Website: https://www.endoca.com/

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