Peter Reynolds discusses legalisation “I’ve been saying 5 years, for quite a long time”

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HCM interviews Peter Reynolds at the Hemp & CBD Expo September 19 event. PETER REYNOLDS
-CannaPro / CLEAR Peter Reynolds is an expert in the science, medicine, law and politics of cannabis. During his early career as an advertising copywriter and creative director, he developed expertise in pharmaceuticals, healthcare and medicine. Since the 1990s he has worked as a communications consultant and medical journalist. Actively involved in cannabis law reform since the 1970s, he first gave evidence to Parliament on the subject in 1983 and has been at the forefront of the campaign and legal cannabis industry ever since. He is president of CLEAR Cannabis Law Reform, the UK’s largest and longest-established cannabis group which has recently launched Cannabis Professionals, the trade association for the UK’s cannabis, CBD and hemp businesses. Peter Reynolds will again be speaking at the SPRING2020 Hemp & CBD Expo. SPRING2020 SEMINAR DESCRIPTION
British CBD businesses need to become politically active and fight back against the sinister forces that are trying to seize control of our industry.  With the new Parliament we now have the opportunity to engage our MPs to help support and drive forward our businesses.  This is a role that all MPs take seriously.  It is one of their key responsibilities and they will be ready to help if you approach them in the right way with a coherent message. This article explains how to get in touch with your MP and how to get them working on your behalf.

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