Cannabis in Canada Live 12pm PST – Live Plants 30 days into Flower

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Live Plant Demo – Two Strains in 30 days flower High Voltage weekly giveaway ($250 est value)
PTSD, cannabis, the police and me! The Saturday show was rerouted to today do to the Super Bowl and my need to get out of the city. So if your in to win tune in at 12pm Remembering how we got here and discussing where we're going as a culture.
Today's Saturday show is to inspire and discuss growing at home. With health and wellness being front and center for 2020 let's get at it. Yummy by Resin Seeds & King Tut by Paradice Gardens how they grow and inline with our continuing tent series we will discuss plants 30 days into flower and what's that mean? What's best for the climate and nutrients … let's discuss Remember to join us to discuss cannabis on FaceBook here over 11k like mended persons in a private group that monitored to keep our member's opinions valued at all times. |
To win any prizes you must be registered with Cannabis in Canada Inc YouTube channel or simply Google Cannabis in Canada👈👈

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