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Happy Canada Day and Cannabis Day to all. I have never been happier to be a Canadian during this crisis they call COVID 19.
As a country, we stood strong and our civilians followed the CDC guidelines allowing us to level out the virus via our kickass frontline workers who continue to serve with dignity and pride fighting COVID 19
We also must never forget our police and fire departments who maintain social justice and civil peace as best they can during such trivial and trying times. I salute you all and thank you on behalf of all Canadians some of whom may not understand how important a role you play in allowing our society to be free and treated with decency. In the end, the leaders of our great nation remain strategizing for what comes next but they drive the bus (per se) via policy and regulations. In closing I hope, all have a wonderful holiday weekend with staying lit and hanging with friends and family. As we have learned there is a new social norm coming at us so for today lets enjoy and celebrate our standing stable strategy against COVID 19. Love you Canada! Jason F Wilcox
Owner Cannabis in Canada Inc
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