Reintroducing Medicine Box

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You live with someone long enough, and you think you know them. But it’s high AND non-high time that we talk about the current — and hopefully temporary — distinction between Medicine Box and Medicine Box Wellness.

For those of you just tuning in, Medicine Box began back in 2016 with several different product lines, from chocolates to energy bars to liquid formulations, that were functional, approachable and enjoyable. Even though we’ve tightened our focus on formulations, we’re still doing functional/approachable/enjoyable. And we’re still working with THC in California with our Emerald Cup-winning Equanimity formulation. For us, there’s no confusion, but for newcomers that have unfortunately inherited the false dichotomy of THC vs. CBD, it may exist. So Medicine Box Wellness customers, meet Medicine Box. Medicine Box, Meet Medicine Box Wellness. This is why they, as separate entities, exist.

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A long road to whole–plant wellness

First off, we cannot stress enough how heavily skewed by institutional neglect and bias our current understanding of cannabis happens to be. A recent assessment of 50 funders’ expenditures of cannabis research over the years 2010 and 2018 found that out of $1.56 billion spent, about half of it was spent on examining cannabis’s potential harms. Very little of it was spent examining cannabis’s therapeutic utility, and of those studies that did, most focused on isolated compounds such as CBD or THC, rather than the whole plant itself. 

This sort of deck-stacking was even more prevalent back in the 20th century, and we’re still coping with the legacy issues such myopic ideologies have extended over cannabis products to this day. Bear in mind that the FDA acknowledges THC’s effectiveness – THC pharmaceuticals are Schedule III, and you can look it up. It is unfortunate that WE still have to cope with the reality of a market that hasn’t really caught up.

We at Medicine Box, however, know that everybody and every body is different. Some, we have found, need the Equanimity you can only get in California for their sleep and rest issues. Others would rather avoid the euphoric effects of THC. Our only regret is that because of the social dysfunction which defines our era, we can only give the rest of the country outside of California one option.

Medicine Box considers 1CaB the world’s introduction into plant medicine. They are constructed to help people not only to sleep, but to wake up. Not just to take in nutrition, but to bring out the best in themselves. Everyone can use improvement in these core issues in life, whether they know it or not. That’s what herbs, mushrooms and cannabinoids do, and we’re thankful that we can now introduce it to the rest of the world.

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Announcing the First Cabinet of a Naturally-Informed Way of Life

Sleep, digestion, and vitality

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Three herbal products combining non-stimulating ingredients from hemp and a stimulating
medley of 100% organic herbs and medicinal mushrooms to help you with sleep,
gut health and overall daily performance.

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A peak into the future

However, we haven’t given up on THC, either. We consider THC as much a healing component of plant medicine as the polysaccharides in our mushrooms or the curcumin in turmeric, and we feel it is a matter of time and education before the rest of the world wakes up to it. Once that it does, we do anticipate THC being descheduled with appropriate guidance for general use. The arc of the cannabis universe is long, but it bends towards eventual acceptance. This plant, the whole plant and nothing but the plant, is what will eventually overcome. 

At that point, there will only be one Medicine Box, and a far more perfect union. So if you’re a senior citizen using cannabis for achy joints, or a soccer mom who has been hearing all these stories about CBD, we just want to remind you that you deserve full-plant healing, because THAT is where the real story and revolution exists. Back when I first started Medicine Box, it was simply not possible to work with the sorts of minor cannabinoids we now have at our disposal. But we’ve always been able to source our herbs and we have even more capabilities with chaga, maitake, shiitake and reishi adding their own wondrous antioxidant properties into the mix. Still, the roots of Medicine Box matter when it comes to the quality of the products we make, no matter if it’s the California Equanimity or 1CaB, and if I had the chance to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing about the focus. They are for now distant cousins, but part of an unbreakable chain – one that will one day be joined. 

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