How the Pandemic Has Triggered A Boom in Vape Sales?

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pandemic boom vape sales - How the Pandemic Has Triggered A Boom in Vape Sales?

The global pandemic shook the pillars of most industrial zones, including the vape sector and the long and short-term consequences are pretty evident everywhere. At first, it took everyone by storm, leaving their businesses in utter chaos. However, people quickly adapted to the new reality and started coping with it by continuing their business online. It not only affected the sales but also reshaped e-commerce as we know it. The crisis continues to leave lasting impacts in the industry, considering the plague is still at large. Here we have analyzed how this anarchic epidemic has affected the vape industry, and what should be expected in near future.

An Unexpected Sales Boom During the Pandemic

Initially, Covid-19 hit like an incomprehensible storm and quickly halted the whole world, especially the non-essential businesses. People had to lay off their work and stay quarantined for quite a while, which was a huge unforeseeable blow to business of all sorts — whether small- or large-scale. Not to forget, the supply chain stopped, which was also one of the primary reasons behind the abrupt decrease in sales. Luckily, that didn’t last very long. And in the end, Covid-19 became a reason for the bloom of the vape market.

In 2019, the global vape market was worth USD 12.41 billion, which has gone tremendously up in a single year to USD 15.07 billion. 2020 statistics showed that Covid-19 proved fruitful for the overall vape industry rather than detrimental. It isn’t going to stop here. Experts have estimated that in the next few years the industry is going to expand by 23.8%, taking the sector’s global worth up to USD 67.31 billion, which is an astounding figure. [1]

Now the question is how come amidst this horrendous global disaster the industry not only survived but managed to grow at a faster pace? Here are a few contributing reasons:

1)      Cannabis Alleviates Pandemic Stress

Agreeably, the pandemic itself is unbearably stressful, especially for people having a mental health history. The long quarantine and the fear of the lethal virus poured fuel over the fire. Fear and anxiety gripped everyone, causing an emotional burst in people of all ages. Also, it can trigger insomnia, panic attacks, and chronic mental health problems.

All these aforesaid pandemic-driven issues can be treated using the therapeutic benefits of cannabis. It combats depression, mitigating the horrible effects that a long stressful quarantine can inflict on a person. And the most delightful way to consume cannabis is by using a high-quality vaporizer. Check out the enormous vape collection at Mind Vapes, offering all kinds of vape products and accessories under one roof. Choose the one that matches your needs and tackle the crippling mental effects of a pandemic.

2)      Rise of E-Commerce

E-commerce was already blooming but not as much as it is now after Covid-19. The reason is quite clear — people quickly moved from brick and mortar shops to online platforms to keep their sales going. The businesses already having a digital platform upgraded their presence. The demand increased along with the service providers which led to the success and sudden bloom of the vape industry.

Companies like Genco took the opportunity and didn’t for the crisis to end and launched its two awesome products. The brand received the praise it hoped for and the launch turned out to be a huge success. Even though Covid-19 delayed the launch for many other brands, the overall trend is quite positive.

3)      Effective Marketing

Even this apocalypse couldn’t stop the marketers from using it as a tool to sell vape products. Companies effectively exploited the pandemic for marketing and reshaped their strategies around this popular theme.

For instance, most of them sold their products by enticing consumers to use vaporizers as a remedy for Covid-19 stress. Some provided additional gifts — sanitizers, gloves, masks, toilet papers — to attract customers. Strangely, these strategies worked well, and businesses got a colossal profit out of them.

Moreover, some of the renowned companies made the delivery method safer to earn the customers’ trust. For instance, they used bodysuits to deliver the packages so that people feel comfortable purchasing from them. This new method of marketing is only going to expand and will ensnare millions in the process. 


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