the mushrooms of medicine box 678x381 - The mushrooms of Medicine Box

The mushrooms of Medicine Box

At Medicine Box we are all about introducing our community to our little friends — the terpenes, herbs and other active compounds in our products. This month, we’d like to introduce you to what Mexican [Read More]

the natural solution 678x381 - The natural solution

The natural solution

If you’ve gotten in touch with me, either for business or just to get your head together, over the past few weeks, it’s likely you and I have taken a little walk together. You see, [Read More]

confronting uncertainty 678x381 - Confronting Uncertainty

Confronting Uncertainty

By now, you’ve gotten used to a lot of worries that weren’t a part of your vocabulary at the beginning of the year. Some of those are related to the health-care crisis; others are related [Read More]

beyond the age of anxiety 678x381 - Beyond the age of anxiety

Beyond the age of anxiety

For a crisis with seemingly no end in sight, there’s been no shortage of discussion on what we’re all gonna do once this is all behind us. That’s probably the wrong way to look at [Read More]

anxiety and lifestyle 678x381 - Anxiety and lifestyle

Anxiety and lifestyle

Out of necessity, I embarked upon an entire redesign of my lifestyle a few years ago after embracing sobriety. At the time, it was like learning how to walk again after a difficult injury, because [Read More]

the role of psychedelics and wellness 678x381 - The role of psychedelics and wellness

The role of psychedelics and wellness

Written in the hills of Big Sur It was inevitable, really, that as our civilization began rediscovering new ways to heal in this century, psychedelics would come back to make our collective picture truly BIG. [Read More]